Guideline for Franchising

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Business Information Session, Investment Planning, Counseling For Fund Operation, Provisional Franchising Contract, Disclosure Document


Store development by RFC (price of surrounding areas, registration of a building, urban planning, land register and so on)

CommercialArea Survey

Analysis of commercial area in which a candidate store is located (residential type and offices, floating population, businesses in the same line), calculation of estimated sales

Store Contract and Actual Survey

Confirming construction drawing and main franchising contract


Field supervision, progress inspection of interior construction, checking open date and support items, education / training at the head office, on-site practical operation training, business registration, checking various licenses and approvals


kitchen equipment, equipment installation, furniture setting, construction competition, inspection by store owner

Final Discussion

Checking (by our employees and the owner of store) interior facility, various furnishings, supplying initial items

Preparation for Store Open

Education and direction for store operation, final checking, preliminary store open, 3 days’ support by our open advisors

Open and Management

Opening ceremony, promotion and marketing, consistent store status check and SV management

Estimated Start Up Money

Estimated Start Up Money
Item Class Remarks
Franchising Fee
Gamaro Gangjung name and trademark, right of trade protection and registration, etc.
Contractor holdback, logistics carryout deposit
Education/training expense before and after store open
carpentry work, painting work, electric and lighting work, kitchen facility construction, waterproof construction Kitchen hall construction, signs inside hall, kitchen storage construction kitchen downcast and up-take ventilator construction, instantaneous water heater construction, wiring construction, etc.
For excess of 33㎡ 1.65 million KRW chargeable per 33㎡
Channel & Galvalume box installation, size: 3m*0.5m front signboard X 1ea Front mane signboard 1ea (flex), indoor menu (fomex), window tinting work
Not including side box sign board
Kitchen Equipment and Furnishings
1 45BOX (1-door freezer, 3-door freezer), a set of 2 cauldron-frying apparatus,1 double boiler 1 work table, 1 sink, 1 meat broth freezer, circular punching work table die, table, kitchen table (make-to-order), water purifier off work table etc. A total of 40 kitchen items
For 33㎡ (Same for smaller ㎡)

*Items not included: the cost and expenses occurring to removal cost for interior work, electric extension work, outdoor construction, toilet construction, gas work, licensing and approvals, sash work, TV, table, sound system, water purifier, oil degasifier and refiner, air-conditioner installation and/or any others not included in the cost list for franchising shall be imposed and paid by a franchisee.