Competitiveness for success

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Success point with Gamaro Gangjung

Competitiveness for success

One day of Superviser

Competitiveness for success

가마로강정 로고

ㆍOriginal frying cooking technique using cauldron
ㆍDistinctive crispy taste using rice powder
ㆍPure sunflower seed oil exclusively used for Gamaro Gangjung
ㆍFresh chicken Gangjung starting to fry only when an order is made
ㆍCooking process open to customers by open kitchen system

Franchising Competitiveness

Accumulated Superior Technology and Advanced Cooking System

With superior food technology, service-minded staffs and advanced cooking system, which have enabled us to be an excellent exemplary franchiser company for 10 years, we will provide our customers with the best service to satisfy their various needs.

Total Support through Systematic Education/Training System

To remain as everlasting partner and companion with our franchisees, we provide every single one of would-be franchisees with systematic education/training system and support them to succeed in their business with total assistance system.

Honest Company for Success of Franchisees

Gamaro Gangjung places the success and profit generation of our franchisees on its top priority of management and will breathe with their dream. For all the would-be franchisees of Gamaro Gangjung, we will have our professionals stay with you for advice and consultation.

Head Office Supporting System

Analysis of Concerned Commercial Area

Over 10-year experienced commercial area analysts and store developers provide you thorough commercial area analysis to minimize the initial risk and maximize profit for would-be franchisees.

They analyze and recommend the most suitable spot for a store depending on customer’s request, size of fund and preferred area and inform the maximum number of franchising stores to be open in the area in advance for the sake of protecting trade right and avoiding possible confliction.

Menu Development System

Our menu development team consisting of professionals with many years of experience such as hotel chefs pours all of their sweat and effort to develop new and better menu. Regular evaluation by store owners and customers has been the base for us to meet ever-changing preference of consumers with best hit menu.

Education/Training System

Based on thorough education/training manual, we perform regular educational service to customer before and after opening store, including cooking, service and store operation and others.

We run mystery shopper system for franchisees more than twice a year in an attempt to consistently monitor and check store operation, service quality and taste management. Furthermore, we recruit experts and have them provide field-oriented education/training to franchisees that need improvement in store and service.

Logistic Support and Production Support System

We are directly running a factory for the best quality and customer satisfaction on the basis of the last 10 years of experience in dining business and know-how in food distribution and have established high-tech distribution and logistics system for stable food supply. As a result, we can quickly cope with changing demands of food service industry market and needs of consumers.

Education/Training Program

Is 5 days’ education/training enough to prepare for franchising business?

“20 Days”

Not, it is not. Gamaro Gangjung proposes systematic education and training for 20 days.

Open Education

Gamaro Gangjung proposes systematic education and training for 20 days.

  • Theory Education (2days): franchise system, licensing and procedure, operational know-how and so on.
  • On-Site Training (18 days): 200 hours of on-site store trainings in the same conditions as real business settings including cooking, operation, customer service, sales management, ordering, POS operation and counting, day opening, day closing and so on

Regular Visit of Designated Supervisor

  • A supervisor designated before opening a store and closely stays with for instruction and education
  • Store checking and re-education on regular visit

Oneday Teaching System

It is the system that the supervisor from the head office stays with a franchisee in the store from day opening to closing to help precisely diagnose and analyze to find problems and improve it if there is.